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Shmeeb can i buy someting with ideal on this site instat of paypal or creditcard?
Is pokeradar still allowed on the server? Sorry I haven’t been on in a while and I might play a little now.
it is. It's posted in the discord server in general. In pinned messages
TWO YEARS AS STAFF: As of today I have officially been Staff for 2 years, this server has been amazing as long as I can remember, including back in 2015 when I first played on this server as a little 11 year old. I really have grown, and a lot has changed in those last years, but this server has been an amazing constant that I have just always loved to play on and be apart of.
Two years ago today I was able to take that next step, and I was able to become a Staff Member, back in the days of Skype and TeamSpeak, a lot has changed, but the community and the server itself has only grown and improved, and I'm so happy I can be a part of it. I've been here for so long, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon!!! Here's to a lot more amazing time on this amazing server.
it has been a lovely time with yall ppls, but im going to have to disappear for a while so i can focus on my studies for who knows how long. thanks for this wonderful community you ppls have set up so nicely. hopefully ill still be the guy with the most species of ha pokemon when i come back haha. stay safe frens i <3 yall