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    Kirby is bad
  • BoostedGear
    Pending, we would like to see more from you.
  • BoostedGear
    Denied. Due to being at max capacity of Omni Gym Leaders.
  • quackerg123
    quackerg123 replied to the thread Helper Application.
    Hello and thank you for applying for Helper. At this time we see a lack of maturity on your part. Being a staff member means having a...
  • Grodziecki
    Minecraft IGN: Grodziecki (Grod) Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352): Antek#0338 Location and timezone: Poland GMT +2 Age (age 12...
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    Hauntly31 posted the thread Segar Tourneys in Player Events.
    Flamingack and I are the hosts of the Segar Tourneys. We will be hosting tourneys every other week with an 8 day period to get battles...
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    Welcome to the team
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    The appeal was already denied the first time and you haven't used the format. Please just wait the time as you cannot appeal twice for a...
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    I did not build a afk machine to hatch the egg because it wasn't infinite.
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    Howdy Thank you for taking the time to appeal You were banned a second time for breaking the rule "No inappropriate builds or topics"...
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    Hello, thank you for appealing. Building an AFK machine is against the rules in the first place so the appeal will be denied. ~denied
  • _Quirkyz_
    _Quirkyz_ posted the thread Jail appeal in Rejected.
    What server did this take place on: pokeverse server Type of appeal: jail Minecraft IGN: Quirkyz Discord username: Quirkz#1486...
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    Changing all my flying team to the following skarmory,togekiss and gyrados
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    What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.): PokeVerse Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.): Ban Minecraft...
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