X-ray appeal


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May 15, 2019
This took place on: The server play.pokeverse.org
The type of appeal is : Ban
Minecraft IGN: ClaudiuTG
Punishment reason: The use of X-Ray mod
Punishment was issued by JordanJJ0122
The date of the punishment is 15.05.2019
Dear admins,
I'm writing to apologise for using an X-Ray mod/program and request if possible unban. All items i acquired using the X-Ray mod shall be disposed of. I do enjoy your server and i can guarantee that it won't happen a second time.Thank you for your time, i'll be waiting for a response and the punishment that is to follow my actions.

Best regards,


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Staff member
Mar 25, 2019
Hi ClaudiuTG, I was very disappointed to find you using an x-ray mod, however this is your first offence. Your appeal seems sincere, so I have decided to overturn your ban. Your name has been noted and I have your word that you will not step out of line again, please don't let me down.

Here is a link to the Server Rules: http://pokeverse.org/forum/threads/official-server-rules.8/

Please give them a thorough read before making your return.

Appeal Accepted