Winter Updates!

Hey everyone! I've got a few updates I think you will enjoy :)

Christmas Advent Calendar
Come celebrate the spirit of Christmas this month at our new 2019 Christmas Advent Calendar! Simply speak with Santa at /warp santa every day, and if you’ve been good this year he just might give you some gifts :) Be sure to check back daily!

We’ve also added a brand new seasonal crate key: the Jolly key. Unlock exclusive items, winter themed Pokemon, and more; available for a limited time only from Santa and the donor store.

New Christmas Spawn

To celebrate the Christmas spirit we’ve added some spawn decorations, enjoy :)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Earn double voting rewards from now until December 10th
  • Added the "Most Legendary TradeUps Completed" stat to /warp stats
  • Added a broadcast when an Ultra Beast or HA Pokemon is caught
- PV Staff
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