Weekly Events - Winter Build Time!


Jul 3, 2016
Hey guys, this weekend we will be hosting a Winter-Themed Build Competition!
This event is taking place on Saturday, January 12th at 9:30 am Central.

You will have 45 minutes to build on a designated plot matching the theme of the build. Blocks will be supplied in chests, but you may also request blocks or buy your own. Feel free to use the /warp headshop for even more fun items to build with. Be as creative as you want! Do NOT copy other peoples' buildings or use Schematica. This is a solo build contest as well, no teams this time!

There will be fun kits with extra building blocks for you to choose from!

1st: Pokemon Statue outside their house (Legends Included), 100k, Shiny Key, 500 Tokens
2nd: Pokemon Statue outside their house (Legends NOT Included), 75k, Master Key x2, 300 Tokens
3rd: Pokemon Statue outside their house (Legends NOT Included), 50k, Master Key x2, 150 Tokens

If anyone has any questions, please message me on Discord! Can't wait to see ya there!