Weekly Event - Haunted Escape Mansion!

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Local PV Skrub
Jul 11, 2015
Hey everyone!
This week we will be doing something that hasn't been done before, a Haunted escape/puzzle mansion!

This event will take place on Saturday, November 3rd at 2pm pst(4pm centeral)

The goal of this event is to see who can escape the mansion the quickest, each and everyone of you will have your skills tested in parkour, mazes, and fun puzzles throughout the mansion! Upon warping you will be split into teams, the size of those teams will be determined once we see how many people manage to make it to the event!
(Every person on the winning teams will receive these prizes)

1st place; 100% ivs shiny pokemon of choice(non-legendary), 125k, 1 shiny keys!
2nd place; random 100% ivs shiny, 100k, 1 master keys
3rd place; random shiny, 80k, 1 ultra keys

I hope to see you guys there!

Message NyanBat#0583 or irauhl#5102 on discord, or any senior staff if you have questions!​
Not open for further replies.