Spreadem79 Fairy app


Mar 29, 2019
Hi im spreadem and Im applying for fairy type gym
Minecraft IGN: Spreadem79
Discord username:BigguyDan#1556
Playtime: 8 days 5 hours and 12 mins
How many gyms do I host:none
Do you use discord:yes
Yes I have been banned once for something I said but I have changed for the better.
My pokemon: Klefki lvl 80 moves Spikes Light screen Reflect and play rough. Ivs Hp:31 attack:22 Defense:31 Sp attack:29 sp defense:31 and Speed:31. EVS 246 Hp 252 Sp defense and 12 speed. and held item is Leftovers
Mawile lvl 80, Move, Fire Fang, Sucker punch, Thunder Punch and Play rough. IVS Hp:31 Attack:31 Defense:22 Sp attack:31 Sp defense:31 and speed:31 EVS: Hp:92 Attack :252 and speed:166 and held item is Mawilite
Gardevoir lvl 80 Moves: Moonblast, Psyshock will o Wisp and healing wish. IVS Hp:31 attack:29 Defense:31 Sp attack:31 Sp Defense:31 and speed:31 EVS: hp:2 Sp attack:252 and Speed:252 and held item is choice scarf.

Why you should accept me as a gym leader. I think you should accept me as a gym leader because I have been very determined with a gym leader. I have spent many hours and a lot of poke dollar to make this team. that saying I know my first applications weren't that good but as you see with my upgraded Pokemon I would be a able to defend the fairy gym with honor. Another I can add is i used to be a gym leader on a another server so I have the experience of a gym leader. I have also been on this server for a while since early 2019. I feel like deserved this due to my determination and my heart for polkemon.

What does being a gym leader mean to me. Being a gym leader to me means that you heart determination and good mindset. I know in the past my behavior has not been well but i wish to change that and I already feel like I have been changing. this server means so much to me . I spend a lot of time on it and have been through ups and downs. I have met people like close friend from this server and a lot of other people. And I wanna give back and I think that my help with this fairy gym would be very useful. I feel like i know my strats and I know how my pokemon work. And I feel like i can bring my guys onto the challenge of being of gym leader. I very active on this server and I see being a gym leader as a way to get me more active on the server. So I ask that you give me the chance of the gym leader and I will give you nothing but hard work and determination. I hope you see this and consider me as a fairy type gym leader. I hope you like this and im ready to become a Gym Leader.


Welsh Dragon
Staff member
Aug 6, 2019
Hello thank you for taking your time to apply for the gym leader position, however you don't seem to be active enough on the server for the role. Please reapply once your activity improves.