sanae's helper application v.2!


Jun 6, 2019
Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no): yes!
Minecraft IGN: sanae
Location and timezone: USA, edt/est
Age (age 14 minimum): 21
Interests: refer to my previous helper application please! but ill also type up a little synopsis here too!
i was in marching band throughout highschool and regular band from when i was 10 until the end of highschool! im very musically inclined in many ways- i play flute, piccolo, and ukulele. also recorder if you wanna count that as an instrument (which i do, i have 3 types of them!) i also sing a lot and you can find my covers (mostly of kpop songs) on my youtube channel, blakebelladonna.


this falls under music as well, but theres more to art than just music of course! i draw, paint, do digital art, craft, art journal, and more! i love making things for people since im a very crafty person and i love sharing my creations with others. art is a sort of therapy for me!

minecraft/video games-
ive been playing minecraft since 2010 i believe. ever since my first day ive loved it. same with pokemon, except ive been playing the tcg and console games since i was just 4 years old! i remember playing pokemon yellow as my first game! :) anyways, back to minecraft. ive been admin on a server before for 4+ years, though i am not any longer due to mental health circumstances, but thats a year ago since i quit now. i just didnt have the spoons for it at the time. im also owner of a few discord servers, mainly a large one called RWBY:GE 'CORD for the game RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE. its a great community full of great people and im really glad i was able to establish such a place for people that are fans of the game!

How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)?: 13 days, 20 hours
Do you have a mic (yes/no): yes
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)?: pretty much yes!
Referrers (people that suggested you become a helper): svonze, mrjxmes, jacemtg
How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM):
i know i can benefit the community of the server because ive done it before- i was previously a helper from july to just a few days ago. myself and the admins decided it was best i take a break from being a helper because of my mental health and playtime. ill expand on this further (and why/how things have changed) in the next section! anyways, i can benefit the community with my unbiased attitude, my great perception of right vs wrong, and the way i conduct myself in regards to server activities. im very kind, though i can be serious when i need to be, too. by unbiased attitude, i mean that i dont take sides. i dont lean towards one person because i do or dont like them, rather i lean towards someone because i think what theyre saying or doing is the correct and courteous thing to do. this goes along with my perception of right vs wrong, i know what is and isnt right as well as what is and isnt wrong, and i apply that knowledge to the server in multiple ways. for example, ive helped in the ban of a player that was hacking, and instead of immediately deciding to ban them, i looked into what they were doing and took opinions from others as well before making a decision. in a nonstaff scenario, ive simply learned to conduct myself in the ways i feel are right on this server and on the discord! i tend to do this outside of my online life though, as well, as it just rounds you out as a better person in my opinion. along with all this, im pretty active on the server, or at least, will be able to be active again on the server. my operating hours tend to be from 10:30 am to up to 11 pm my time, though it varies throughout the week mostly. im also extremely accessible on discord, as im on it at almost all times.

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM):
i believe you should accept me for the reasons above, but also for a few other reasons. ive recently started a new anxiety medication, which was one of the main things holding me back from being an integral part of staff beforehand. as things got to the end of my staffing, my anxiety really started to take over. i found it hard to even interact with staff friends, which was painful in a way because like i said, they were my friends! i dont want to isolate myself from friends of course! but like i said, since wednesday ive been on a new medication to control my anxiety; i also see a therapist along with my psychiatrist, and have a great support crew between my family and friends. thats another big reason im reapplying for staff- staff was like family to me. things havent been the same since, and its really taken a beating on me.
anyways, moving on from that, i think you should accept me because im hardworking, loyal, and most importantly, im devoted to pokeverse. i said this in my previous application, but when i get attached to things, i become dedicated, and when i become dedicated, you really see another side of me! you should accept me because, though its been a short period of time that ive been "gone," ive changed a bit, grown a bit, and will continue to grow as time goes on. theres nowhere to go but up from here in my opinion!

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):
from what i know, pokeverse has existed since around 2016. its a pixelmon server that also offers vanilla aspects of the minecraft game. the owner of the server is shmeeb, and underneath him are the admins, managers, seniormods, mods, helpers, and chelpers in that order. there are also builders who help with building projects around the server! for regular/paid ranks, theres pokemaster, legendary, master, mythic, champion, and challenger in that order, then veteran, regular, and trainer for nonpaid ranks. the paid ranks and other things in the store, such as keys, kits, and pokemon, help the server to run.
the community can be complex in some ways and simple in others, though id like to believe its very interesting, to say the least. there are some people that get on daily for hours, and some people that only get on every couple days to play for a few minutes. i personally fall in the middle right now, but plan to work up to playing for hours daily again like i used to. both types of players are great for the server! i believe each player brings something different to pokeverse in a positive light, no matter how negative their presence may seem. you always have to look on the bright side when being a staff member, ive learned, because sometimes we are blinded by all this negativity and we really need to take a step back to look at the light rather than the dark. throughout staffing, ive also learned that kindness is key. you must be kind to players, otherwise they will feel turned off or isolated from the server and its staff. to my knowledge, you have to be a pretty levelheaded person to staff a server, and i think i am that kind of person!
all in all, i think i have what it takes to be staff again. im a gym leader, and a leader at heart, though you could also consider me a follower in some ways because of how i learn from others. what i see, i tend to do, as long as i think its the right thing! i also know how minecraft works in vanilla and i know the server commands as well as staff commands from my previous staffing experience. i really hope to rejoin you all on staff, because i think its one of the best things out there for me, and i believe that youll begin to see the best come out of me again as well.

thanks for reading. i hope i gave an accurate example of the person i was and the person i am now. i dont want to trick anyone into thinking im perfect because im definitely not and there are still going to be a few things i need to work on, example being my playtime. but like i said, i believe that those things are changing for the better! so, again, thank you all!
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Am Bean
Staff member
Jul 25, 2018
Hello sanae and thank you for applying however we as a staff team do not feel like you are active enough to currently staff. once your activity goes up feel free to reapply
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