Rock Gym Rework


May 30, 2020
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Rock gym
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I believe I should be a gym leader for this gym because I have been working hard and beaten many gyms and want to partaken in a new challenge by comming a leader I believe I am heavily qualified for the role and I have many people who can vouch and say I am. I have done a lot of research on the rock gym and the weakness pull of it so I chosen this team for the best way to beat my opponents

Rhyperior level 43

Evs: Hp 252
Attack : 252

Ivs 38%

Moves: Focus Blast, Earthquake, Smackdown, and hammer arm.

Tyrantrum Level 46

Evs: Speed 252
Attack 252

Ivs: 60%

Moves: Earthquake,Brick Break, Fire Fang,

Mega Aerodactyl

Evs: Attack: 252

Ivs: 54%

Moves: Iron Head, Ice Fang, Roost, and Flamethrower

In all, I believe this team will dominate many of its opponents that may try to face as said I am highly qualified for this role to have defeated the gym and have vouches I am a big active player in this community and would like to have a chance to the gym ranks I wanted to start with this gym as my first one to start. All of the work I have put forth to get this role was a lot of research for the many weaknesses of the rock type and the weaknesses of the pokemon that are being used. I have been with pokeverse for a while now and with my guilds help and my friends, I believe I can become a leader and help out this community that has given me a lot of support lately. Some skills I have to offer are counters of pokemon memorized fast responding to any challenges that I may come up against. In all, I hope to be an addition to the rock team if you have any questions please dm me on discord to end of thank you for your time and I will see you guys soon.


Welsh Dragon
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Aug 6, 2019
Declined due to team structure. Ways to improve this are: Increase Iv's, change move-set to cover weaknesses, and change natures. I strongly looking a smogon for guidance and using the NPC tester located at the Rock Gym to test your team against. You may reapply in one week.