Pusheen's intro B)


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Aug 20, 2016
It's that time again, where I introduce myself :))

So I'm back after a while (funny how i always leave like 2 months before a reset and then forget all the commands and everything)

So what's new about me from my introduction 2 years ago (i think)?

  • My new username is now "padorru", and my new nickname is "Tamamo-No-Mae".
  • I may or may not have gotten addicted to Fate/Grand Order (please gacha gods, let me summon Karna)
  • I'm now a full fledged weeb (ive gotten in to figure collectiong, i have 5 so far, and I hope to get more soon!)
  • I'm now 14 and not a cringey 11 year old, which I still can't believe it's been that long since I joined, wow.
I'll also go over a bit of my interests :))

  • My favorite anime currently is def the Fate Series (ive watched it twice now lmao)
  • I do cosplay, which i'm quite sad the cons this year got cancelled :( was gonna go as female caster gilgamesh for metrocon
  • I'm a big anime fan, i've been watching since I was nine. (started with SAO).
  • as I stated before, my most favorite game currently is Fate/Grand Order (Friend code is 666,412,229 if you wanna use my support lolol)
  • Another one of my favorite games is OSU!
  • I like building in minecraft a lot aswell (which is probably what youll see me do most of the time on the server lol)
  • I have a wierd interest with back to school shopping (it's entertaining for some reason)
Some extra things about me :

  • I don't really talk much, and if I do it's usually random things such as "bruh the construction workers outside are loud as heck" (which they are lolol)
  • I like to quote memes a lot, for example, "Lancer ga shinda!"
  • I can't spell / use grammar for the life of me, even though I've known english my whole life lmao
I hope to get to know you all better sometime in the near future, and I'll def be more active now that it's summer break! :)
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