Poison Leader Application

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May 26, 2019
Minecraft In-Game Name: Dancoco
Discord Username: Dancoco#4448
Location and Timezone: United States of America UTC-0:800 Pacific Time
Age (Age 12 Minimum): 17
How much In-game play time do you have: 23 days, 17 hours, and 29 minutes
Are you an active user of Discord: Yes
Have you ever been jailed or banned: No
What Pokemon are you Planning on Using and their levels:
Nihilego: Level 50
Venusaur (Mega): Level 50
Drapion: Level 50
Why Should we Choose you to be Gym Leader: I have been doing my best to stay as an active member of this ever-growing Pixelmon community, and I have been able to reshape my teams due to expertise I have received by battling a variety of teams created from people from all over the server. I have learned so much as what it is to be a gym leader, and I feel like I am an adept player that has the ability to make the steel gym even stronger so that it will be one of the hardest gyms to defeat. Being an omni-leader in the past reset, I have versed a variety of types of Pokemon, and I have done my best to defend the gym. I have gained so much expertise that I would like to carry it over to as many other gyms as I can possibly can. This server is only growing, and I want to do my best to defend the honor of the poison gym and become one of the best trainers.
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