Pixelmon+ Winter Art Contest

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Jul 3, 2016
Happy Holidays Pixelmon+ Trainers, we hope you are all enjoying this winter season! Come share your holiday spirit in our Pixelmon+ Winter Art Contest, hosted by your very own SlickPorcupine and Hugamouse!


Winter or Holiday Celebration:

What do you all do in the winter? How do you celebrate the holidays? We want you to share with us a visual representation of your routines or traditions during this cold season! Maybe it’s wrapping presents, snowball fights, drinking hot cocoa, or even decorating some trees! Don’t forget to include your Pokemon!

  • Do not steal/claim other people’s work or copy/trace it. All assets must be your own. No stickers, pins, printouts, etc. that aren’t made by yourself!
  • Ensure your submission is appropriate, we do not want mature content as all age groups can view the entries!
  • Submissions must match the theme

The artwork must be a visible creation. Between painting, digital painting, drawing, crochet, metal work, Christmas ornaments, etc., you can be as creative as you want. If you wish to add a short story or description to go along with your piece, please do so! Artwork won’t solely be judged based upon quality, we understand that not everyone draws or creates art all the time. We want to see effort and creativity go into this, it’s meant for you all to have a fun time and share an experience with each other.

The last date to turn in your art is January 2nd, at 11:59 pm Central.

All entries will be posted in the art-contest Discord channel created for this contest.

All entries must be sent to hugamouse#6902 on Discord to confirm entry with the following information: Picture of the art itself, in game name + server, title of piece, short story or description (if applicable), and medium used (digital, crayons, crochet, etc).


1st: $80 Store Voucher
2nd: $60 Store Voucher
3rd: $40 Store Voucher

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