Pixelmon+ Helper Application.


Feb 1, 2020
Pixelmon+ Helper Application: I would like to become a helper in Pixelmon+ because i know that i can help throughout Pixelmon+ servers. Here are a couple reasons why you should select me over other candidates: Great grammar, consistent use of technical words, experienced throughout the "Helper" role, active and i offer a very advanced skill set that can be used to your advantage! Please take the time to read this message thoroughly and understand that i will be the perfect fit for this role. I'm also a loyal player and will not just dip on Pixelmon+ and i will stay with Pixelmon+ through anything. Thanks, my in game name is Bimbi124 and my Discord user is XyeSZN#6969. If you are wishing to recruit me onto your team please email me, or message me on Discord. Thanks again, Bimbi124.

Sorry, didn't realise i needed to have 48hrs play time, im almost there but not yet.
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