NoisyPenguin22's OmniLeader Application

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Jul 11, 2015
Minecraft IGN: NoisyPenguin22
Location and Timezone: United States Eastern Standard Time Zone
Age (age 12 minimum, 14+ recommended): 15
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check - minimum 48 hours required)? 19 Days 3 Hours
How many Gyms do you currently host for the server? 2, Ice and Poison
Are you an active user of discord (yes/no)? Yes
Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)? Yes, for disrespecting staff
What Pokemon will you be using for each team? Please make sure they are trained well.

Bug: Heracross (20), Escavalier (20), Armaldo (20)
Rock: Tyrantrum (20), Mega Aerodactyl (20), Rampardos (20
Normal: Porygon2 (30), Ursaring (30), Snorlax (30), Girafirig (30)
Water: Frogadier (30), Marshtomp (30), Azumarill (30)
Electric: Zapdos (40), Emolga (40), Manectric (40)
Flying: Gligar (40), Skarmory (40), Charizard (40)
Ghost: Golurk (50), Chandelure (50), Drifblim (50)
Grass: Sceptile (50), Exeggutor (50), Tangrowth (50)
Fighting: Mega Gallade (60), Machamp (60), Hawlucha (60)
Posion: Mega Gengar (60), Nidoking (60), Weezing (60)
Ice: Lapras (70), Froslass (70), Walrein (70), Beartic (70)
Psychic: Alakazam (70), Metagross (70), Mega Slowbro (70)
Fire: Talonflame (80), Mega Houndoom (80), Delphox (80)
Steel: Steelix (80), Excadrill (80), Mega Lucario (80)
Dark: Greninja (90), Zoroark (90), Umbreon (90)
Ground: Torterra (90), Mega Garchomp (90), Swampert (90)
Dragon: Dragonite (100), Hydreigon (100), Salamence (100)
Fairy: Sylveon (100), Alolan Ninetales (100), Gardevoir (100)

Why should we accept you as an OmniLeader (100 words minimum)?

I think that I should be accepted as an OmniLeader because I am an active and friendly member of the community. Because of how active I am, many players can battle whatever gym they want at most times.
I also make being a gym leader a priority as I am already the leader of the Ice and Poison Gym. I accept most if not all requests when I am online. I also put a lot of times into my teams and I think battling me would be a challenge. Additionally, sometimes when I am online there is not a gym leader on for each gym. With this being said, I can fill that spot and allow people to battle more gyms.

What does being a Gym Leader, including OmniLeader, mean to you (200 words minimum)?

An OmniLeader is the next step up from gym leader which is the position I currently hold. OmniLeader is a very important role that is crucial in order for the players of PV to gather all their badges because some leaders can't always be online. As a player who has all the badges, I know the struggle of waiting for gym leaders to come online. This can take up a lot of time and some players could even give up the the gyms. OmniLeader is the exact thing that can prevent this by letting there be a decent chance of at least one leader for every gym online. Omnileader is also a very big responsibility because you need to be active in order for it to be worth while. Because of my previous experience with being a gym leader, I know that it is a time consuming role but I am prepared to be an Omnileader because I know I will be helping the community.
I also love to help other players and Omnileader can help me further assist people by letting them fight me in order to earn their badges. Thank you for reading my application and I hope I will be accepted as an OmniLeader :D
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