Nexus "Town Pad" system


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Mar 21, 2015
[warning: recommended for advanced users only]

We’ve decided to set up a system to incentivise those who like to go above and beyond in their Nexus areas. Town Pads will only be allocated to players who create and maintain the most prestigious and well made shop areas on the server. If you would like a Town Pad, it is recommended that you first start your shop area with a normal Nexus pad, and after meeting the requirements have your pad upgraded by staff.

In order for a pad to be considered for an upgrade to a Town Pad, it must meet the following requirements:
  • At least 3 other players must possess their own shop plot with 12+ ChestShops each
  • All shops always kept (mostly) in stock
  • All shop owners must be active
  • Entrance area must be very well made
Town Pad owners are responsible for ensuring these conditions are maintained for the lifespan of the town

Here is a simple outline on how to set up GriefPrevention subclaims:
  1. Claim over your entire shop area
  2. Type /subdivideclaims and select the corners for each one of your player plots
  3. Type /trust <name> while standing in the subclaim to trust your fellow shop owner
We hope this new system will reward those who put in the extra effort to make their shops great with the foot traffic they deserve.

~ Shmeeb