Never have I ever!

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Jan 29, 2018
so i know it is short time but in 7 hours i myself will host a small never have i ever game with VC on discord and in game area.
i am planning on doing this event a few times at random whenever i feel like it and will be announcing it in chat whenever i do decide to do one.
but of course your wondering what kind of prizes i will be giving away at this event.
the answer in NOTHING. i wont be giving away anything since this will just be an event about having fun with the community we build here on the server.

if you are willing to join me in fun events without prices id be happy to play with you as this will be a way for us to get to know each other as well, and if you have any ides for stuff we can do in the future as fun events with others you can let me know and maybe ill build something for it since im getting kinda bored on the server as well and im trying to have as much fun as possible :D.

See you on the other side x- Purple
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