Lucifer's Helper Application


Dec 14, 2019
Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no): Yes

Minecraft IGN: Lucifer_Rules

Location and timezone: the United States and EST

Age (age 14 minimum): 15

Interests: Music, Pokemon, Anime, Soccer, Writing and a bunch more I am an open book I love to just do things and meet new people

How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)? 2 days 10 hours

Do you have a mic (yes/no): Yes

Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? Yes I am on every day and stay active on a lot of servers but I am mainly on the pixel sever

How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM): I would help benefit providing Inspiration Inspiration and Motivation to new people who join. I would like to help everyone on the server and make it an amazing place I can provide info on how to do many things like mega evolve out of battle. I may not have been playing long but over that short course of time, I have made amazing friends. I am usually always on and while I may not type in chat I do watch chat. Pokeverse is growing and growing every day and it deserves anything amazing that comes it's way

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM): I would like to be accepted because I want to help provide a haven for people who are sad or just plain out bored anyone can play, amazingly, the type a bond a game like this can create. There may be many things I don't know and that's fine but I would love to learn more about others and how I can help. I have been jailed before for dex touching at the time I was not aware of that rule but over the 12 hours in jail, I read the rules and I have changed a lot now back to why I want to make everyone who is on the sever new or old I don't care that no matter where you go on the server that staff will be there and that there are amazing people other than staff like I help even though I didn't have staff on many other servers it was fun and that's all I want to do is make sure everyone has an amazing time

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):

Now so far I know that the server has been up for almost 5 years now and that is amazing Shmeeb has done an amazing job at keeping it place a lot of pixelmon servers or any servers just get so chaotic and hard to control but shmeeb has an amazing staff team. I know that the server that was originally made had small amounts of people but grew into a very crazy infestation of people. when I first found out that this was even a mod pack I thought they all would have one server but no Shmeeb really be out here with six like he is such an amazing person. I may not have met him but I sure would love too <3. The staff is never late to answer any questions you have they are all so dedicated and it aspires me to be just like them. I am glad to know that there are multiple things you may do on the server they hold events such as musical chairs, Spleef, Knockout and many more. The Forums has so much info it is where you can buy your ranks where you can apply for staff and so much more. Now if someone breaks the rules such as I did in the past you will get jailed which is no fun trust me. But even when I got banned I went to sever one and still had a great time I made so much progress on server one in like 5 hours people were so nice there and they handed me out stuff I have not been on the other severs aside pokeverse and pokebrawl but I am sure that they are just as amazing. The staff team is from all over not just one place which is amazing anyone can be part of the staff. I really do love this server

Thank you so much reading my request

-Sincerely Lucifer <3
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Am Bean
Staff member
Jul 25, 2018
Hey thanks for applying! We are glad you decided to apply for staff however after sometime watching you we all think there needs to be some improvement on your maturity and helpfulness in the chat. We encourage you to improve in these places and reapply when you’re ready! Thank you again -denied