Jail & Ban Appeals for ShaunDoesGames & Alyssa26653

Jun 23, 2019
Florida, USA
What server did this take place on: Pokeverse Server
Type of appeal: Jail & Ban
Minecraft IGN: ShaunDoesGames & Alyssa26653
Punishment reason: I was jailed and my sister was banned for "Alt Abusing"
Who issued the punishment: Loorix
Date/time punishment was issued: 2/9/2020 2:07 EST
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: Me, my sister Alyssa26653, my brother Ryan2686, and cousin Stephen123789, all play on this server and have been for quite a while now. I have been playing long enough to have become a veteran. We have never had an issue with playing with each other before. We all live in the same house hence using the same WiFi hence having the same IP address. My cousin, stephen123789, had leftover pokemon from when he played a while prior to the reset from a couple of months ago that he had in his pokestorage. He is going to college and since he was at my house he said that he would give me his legends. We've never had issues gifting each other pokemon before or gifting legends either. If you would like me to gift them back to his account and then have him give them or trade them to me another way that is completely fine I just don't quite know why there was an issue in the first place.


Absent minded.
Staff member
Dec 18, 2017
Hi ShaunDoesGames and thank you for writing. Apparently your story could explain all the situation and that's the reason why I will unban Alyssa26653 and Stephen123789. Despite this, they will be jailed for 12h for giving away more than 100k of value per day without a payment or something in return. Please next time be sure to read our rules by clicking this link http://pokeverse.org/forum/threads/official-server-rules.8/. Accepted.