Jail Appeal

Mar 31, 2019
Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.): Jail
Minecraft IGN: CrimsonLotus7
Discord username: CrimsonTornado7#3774
Punishment reason: Bug/Glitch, whatever you'd like to call it
Who issued the punishment (if known): quackerg123 (really cool guy)
Date/time punishment was issued: 11:54 PM (Local time) 7/29/2020
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: Okay before I even get into why you guys should lift the punishment I need to come clean, I was aware of the glitch and what it was capable of. I take full responsibility of the mistake of [item]ing it after I was warned. Keyword "mistake". I never meant to [item] the game crashing item during the new and fun event "Hunt N' Run." (great job by the way) I was purely trying to show my new god axe to the server. Note this god axe is right next to the game crashing item (invsee me and you'll see the item, msg me on discord if you're still confused.) instead of [item4] I accidentally did [item5] which caused everyone and china to leave the server due to the glitch. I'm sorry this inconvenience and I can promise it will not happen again. I've never done anything wrong on the server before this, no bad blood with any staff members and it would make no sense why I would start now. I still have a blast on the server and I wouldn't ruin that said fun for trolling the server. What I find fun on the server is making Schlatt coins and custom maps, nothing that would literally break the server. In conclusion, it was all a mistake and accepted or declined I take full responsibility of said mistake. Have a nice day and keep /emotes vibe


Am Duck
Staff member
Aug 4, 2018
a pond somewhere
Hello and thank you for taking the time to appeal. As you said you were aware of the bug as you were the one who reported the bug to us. This makes you more than aware of how the bug works and what it does. You say that you didn't mean to show the item in chat but if you know that it causes issues why would you keep the shulker box in your Hotbar unless you needed to put it down. I will be denying this appeal as if you had no intention to do it you would have been much more careful with what item you were showing. Denied