Jabster_Crafts helper application (using the format)


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May 24, 2020
I have read and fully agree to the terms and conditions
England/brittish summer time
I am 14 born april 3rd 2006
I love pokemon harry potter gaming baking cooking
On days when i am not busy i play anywhere from 6-12 hours a day If i am busy i play as much as i can but cant promise anmore or less than a cirtain time
Like 2 days 6 hours
I unfortunatly do not have a mic
I use discord not as frequently as minecraft but maybe 1 hour a day
I have never been staff before
I could bennefit the community by being an extra person people can get support from as i am always happy to help in any way i can and would love a chance of being able to help even more people, i dont swear and quite frankly swearing kinda annoys me so i would make sure people dont swear
not because it annoys me but because it just makes the person seem violent and thats never good, i personally think the staff are all kind and forgiving and just great people and i would like to be among the amazing staff team
I have never been jailed banned warned etc...
I would like to be accepted as staff for mainly one reason, i love helping people. No matter what i put everyone else before my self and try to do everything i physically can to help them weather thats with a simple command or help building a house or even help with mental health problems, im one of the people that would prefer to listen than speak and anything people would tell me i would do my best to answer

The way the Pokeverse community works is amazing is in my opinion it is the best way to run a successful server. Everything is player run from Gym Leaders to Staff members, there is always someone there to help you when you need it. Pokeverse is a PG Family friendly server and accepts all players of all ages and treats every player the same. I love the Pokeverse community and I think that it is the best community out there for pixelmon The server opened on March 30, 2015 With Shmeeb opening it, it is now one of the most popular pixelmon servers and lags probably 10 times less Over the past years that Pokeverse has been open there has a few resets, the first one happened on the 13th of November 2015. Now unfortunatly i only joined pokeverse on 24th may (i think) 2020 so i wasnt around for the server to grow and become better and better over time i was just here and will be here indefinatly from a point where i dont think much if anything can be improved i have no experiance at all of being staff however i am always open to learning especially if that means i get to help even just one person. For me when ever i help someone the fact that i could help them just puts a smile on my face and i love it i do have a youtube channel but really dont upload as much as i should becasue when i run obs and something else i become super laggy and its just not good content how ever i am happy to up.oad anything to it (pg) my channel is TheGamingJabbas i have 36 subscribers so really not that many but everyone as to start somewhere if i was to give a bit of back story on my self that might be good so my name is Jamie Blunt i am from stoke on trent which is in england i grew up and always wanted to help anyone i saw, i remember this one time that i was at the park gym thing and hit my leg on some of the equippment i was bleeding and had a broken leg but i still just wanted to help anyone else that was there right as i was in hospital i heard someone galking about minecraft and i hadnt heard of what ig was so i did some rhesearch and decided to buy it so i could try it and from that day onwards i played on huge servers like mineplex hypixel and cosmic pvp ( although i am nongood at pvp ) i become known to alot of people in cosmic pvp not like youtuber known or anything but yeah i would have people all the time asking me for help then and i loved it it was the best time of my life and honestly that is why i wanted to apply for staff
thank you for reading my application please consider me and if any more details are wanted please feel free to message me on discord
Thank you for having an amazing server that gives so many people joy that i dont think there will be a toxic person on the server ever
Thank you for considering me


Am Bean
Staff member
Jul 25, 2018
hello we are declining your application due to inactivity. When you are able to commit more time to the server feel free to reapply again -Denied