Irl for champ > mythic (dang that was fast [closed])

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May 16, 2020
More items/pokes may be added over time, please come back and look every once in a while, uwu

Therian Tornadus (83% ivs) min 292.5k
Therian Thunderus (66% ivs) min 227.5k
Shiny Regirock (lvl5) (88% ivs) min 585k (level 5)
Shiny Nihilego (75% ivs) min 195k
2x HA Froakies (min 640k but ill only count it as 500k since nobody needs them)
Poipole (61% ivs) min 156k
Pheremosa (79% ivs) min 130k
Kartana (69% ivs [nice]) min 195k
18x Shiny pokemon (some valued >5k) min 90k
Shiny Articuno (lvl5) (63% ivs) min 39k
5x HA Grimers ( roughly 750k but since they're not in high demand valued at 250k total)
HA whiscash (probably low ivs) technically min 25k but like idrk just take it for the funny

Total Value of Pokemon: Somewhere around 2.6 mil, but probably more like 2 mil if you don't count the dumb HA's

Items and Miscellaneous without minimum prices (sorta)

My love and affection (worth at least one cent) - i will appreciate you until the end of time.
Eevees basically whenever you want them - since i'm eevee man i will get you eevees whenever you want them (always >83% ivs)
Money - i will give you my money, probably up to 350k because i am a broke child.

Grand total value of about 2.35 mil if you don't count the HA's

Not open for further replies.