introduction #4 -spit


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Nov 17, 2016
Hi im james(spitfire490) im doing this for the 4th time becouse of most of the player base is relitivly new. You may call me spit, spity, james, firespit. those are just some of the nick names ive been called
Ive played since 8-6-16 so my 3 year anivarsary of being on the server happened just 2 months ago .
I was gym leader in 1.10.2 and almost 2 months on the 1.12.2 map but i resigned becouse just competitive battling got boring.
Also if you have a problem with me plz pm me it and tell a staff since it irritates me not to try and resolve issues .
Few final notes is yes i did play factions and learned alot of neat tricks to save space on farms. I also do have a breeding and ev training service for cheap.
Also my top 3 favorite pokemon are salamence glaceon and staraptor.
If you want help makeing teams im hear to help you practice and find weaknesses to improve your team and my favorite color is light blue.
some of my strongest mons ive been able to put on teams is a milotic in ou and a scarfmence and a volcarona.
Now i might not be active on forums but im realy active on server.
Final thing i do have a twitter @spitfire490 . Till we meet on the server cya.