IGN ban


May 15, 2020
What server did this take place on Server
Type of appeal ban
Minecraft IGN:Tenacion420
Discord username not known
Punishment reason:Hacks
Who issued the punishment not known
Date/time punishment was issued: a month and few weeks ago
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: i Waited a while so i can get back to this server.Without flying hacks.


Absent minded.
Staff member
Dec 18, 2017
Hi Tenacion420 and thank you for writing. The staff member who banned you was Helioss, but since he is no longer a staff member of our team, i will deal your appeal.

Remember: Cheating/Hacking is not allowed on our server!

It's not the first time you've broken our rules and it's not the first time you've been punished.
I really hope that you won't make any more mistakes like this as the ban may be permanent next time. I want to remind you that the rules are present in our community and they must be respected, always! Having said that i will accept your appeal with the promise that this will never happen again, but since it's hacks topic you will be unbanned in 2 weeks. In the meantime i invite you to read our rules once again so you can reflect more on your actions by clicking here.

Thanks again for writing. Accepted.