Hide and Seek NOW Available

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Nov 26, 2015
Hello all,
As many of you know I launched hide and seek last weekend. There were some minor bugs, but our team of highly trained penguins were able to get in and kill them, meaning you can now request staff to host Hide and Seek if you see them online. The average game time is 18 min. There is 3 min of hiding while seeker is chosen and kept hostage by our friendly staff team and 15 min of holding shift for dear life. Staff have been given their set of rules to follow which includes scoring/rewards at end of a game. Staff score you on unique hiding spots and time spent hidden. Feel free to creatively modify your skin to suit the terrain. Most of the player rooms are at the lobby @ /warp hideandseek
I hope you enjoy my event I have created for you guys. Please leave any suggestions in comments! ty
Not open for further replies.