Helper Application


Dec 8, 2019
Minecraft IGN: cocatiel
Location and timezone: USA, EST
Age (age 14 minimum): 16
Interests: Exotic pet-keeping, digital art
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)? 4 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes
Do you have a mic (yes/no): Yes
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? Yes
Referrers (people that suggested you become a helper): none since I never really talked about applying to become a helper

How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM): Growing up I was always a rule follower. When I was going to public school and saw a teacher or a student not following a rule, I would always tell someone and would try to fix it. In situations, I do everything in my power to fix it. For me, I think that helping people and chatting with players is awesome because it gives me a connection to someone that probably lives super far away from me, and to me that is fascinating. I always try to give back to a community, be online or in real life. In the summer, I work at a local zoo and shelter, and all year round, I play video games and I always do what I can to help other players when they need assistance.

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM):
Honestly, I feel like how much I'm on every day and how I try to help people would be a factor. I try to be online for 2-3 hours a day, and whenever I see someone who needs something, be it for a build, getting a poke, supplies, etc (and I know that isn't part of being helper, but that is as much help as I can do as a challenger, lol) I try to assist as much as I can. When on Discord calls with friends and strangers on Pixelmon+, I love to illustrate drawing ideas, other players, through at me. For me and for them, it is a really fun time, and it allows me to connect with the community. Another thing I like to do with the players is educating them on the animals I take care of, and I always get lots of questions, which I answer appropriately.

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):
I have just joined at the start of December, and I don't know too much about the servers history. This all started back in 2015, where Shmeeb only had 1 server, which then split off into 4 sister servers, and then the 5th one later on. The community, however, I do know a bit about. The server has an economy where the players run it and can decide prices and worth of items or/and pokemon. When a player first joins the server, they are given the rank "Trainer". After 12 hours, the player becomes a "Regular", and then after 12 days they become a "Veteran". Players can purchase ranks, which go from challenger to pokemaster, and all of those ranks have different levels of perks, from putting an item on as a hat to flying. The server also has a donation goal, and when that goal is hit, a huge server drop party is held, which can encourage players to purchase other things off of the server store. Players can purchase things other than ranks, like pokemon, nicknames, kits, keys, and more. The server also has a very fun feature that all players can take part in, which is minigames. This can range from ice races, parkour, spleef, magic, and more. When it comes to competitive fighting, there are plenty of things you can do. There is a battle tower, which has multiple floors with increasing difficulty. When a floor is defeated, the player gets rewards and can continue going up the tower. If they lose, they must wait 24 hours until battling again. The server has gyms that are run by actual people, and if you lose a gym battle, you have an hour cooldown till you can fight again. Pixelmon+ also has a Disocrd, where players can post questions, memes, and other things like just chatting with each other, whether it be by text or by voice chat. When it comes to staff members, a lot of them have been very friendly and helpful. There is always a staff member online on the server to help, and there are plenty of helpers and such to help out with chat. When it comes to running a server, I don't know much. Back in 2014, I did help a sibling out with running a server as an admin, and we did have around 20 players a day, but then we got bored and just stopped funding the server. Despite all that, I am ready for the challenges and for the experience. I've always wanted a bigger role in this community, where I can help people with issues. Part of my personality is just being as helpful as humanly possible, despite the challenges I live with. I do hope that I can become a helper, so I may assist players with issues in chat or with glitches within the game. With the experience I have, I will definitely listen to all the rules given to me, and I will do everything in my power to help out.
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Dec 8, 2019
Hello! So I noticed some errors and wanted to add some stuff in, so I am going to reply to my post and add what I wanted to add.

When I said "I love to illustrate drawing ideas, other players, through at me.", I meant to say "I love to illustrate drawing ideas that other players give me to draw." On the last question, I said "Dicrod" instead of "Discord," so my bad.

I wanted to add onto my "Why We Should Accept You" question.
Educating other players on my animals and my art can help the staff team. How? By teaching other players about animals, I can also use my knowledge of animals, and of course, since I'm already getting questions, I can help answer actual questions about a command or about a pokemon. I know that doesn't seem to useful, but I feel like interacting with players can allow staff to connect with other players. My art, on the other hand, can actually have a use. I can create art for the server to advertise and to make merchandise. I can also animate, so if we ever needed a quick animation as an ad, I can do that.

On the last question, I felt like adding to my knowledge of the server. A lot of new players need to know different commands and such, and I do know basically all of the commands. To demonstrate, I will do a few commands that are asked a lot by new players.
/brtp (gives player a list of biomes they can teleport to)
/abandonclaim and /abandonallclaims (deletes claim that player is standing in and deletes all claims that have been created)
/gym warp (gym) (teleports the player to a specific gym)
/gym rewards (allows you to claim/view rewards from a gym)
/gts (lets player see pokemon for sale on the global trade system)
/gts add or /gts sell (allows player to sell a pokemon on the gts)
/um (lets player view and purchase items for sale)
/um add or /um sell (allows the player to list an item on the market)
/streaks (lets the player claim voting rewards)
/dex (lets the player claim/view rewards from completing a certain percentage of the pokedex)

There are plenty of other commands, but these are just a few.

I wanted to add one more thing. How I can help moderate. Since I haven't had a lot of experiences with moderating on minecraft servers, I am currently part of a big project. 10 other people and I are currently creating a cartoon, and I am the creator of it and I am the head design and animator on it. As a team, we all try to agree on certain ideas and concepts we can come up with for the show. We have had plenty of disagreements and ideas, but in the end we all come together and decide on one choice. I feel like the aspects of being part of this can give me some knowledge!

And the last thing, Neemohs wanted to refer for me to be at least chelper :)

Thank you and sorry for having to add on this reply!


Am Bean
Staff member
Jul 25, 2018
Hey there thanks for applying for staff! We as staff value you as a player and see how friendly and helpful you are however we would like to see you grow as a player a little bit more before we can accept you. Don’t let this discourage you as we all think you’re doing great. Just keep up what you’re doing and you can reapply in 2 weeks ^.^ if you need to know more please feel free to pm me on discord and I can answer any questions you may have! Denied