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Jul 31, 2018
Minecraft IGN: TyranTrainer
Location and timezone: Stavanger, Norway UTC +1
Age (age 14 minimum): 14 turning 15 in septempber
Interests:music, helping, supporting, talking
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)? I've playd 8days and 15hours as of for right now
Do you have a mic (yes/no): Yes
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? yes *too active to be frankly honest*

How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM):
I've seen alot of helpers very often online and I see that they struggle to have control over things from time to time, and I could support and help them in these types of situations. I've also seen that alot of new people are coming online pretty often and I've also seen that most of the staff team is in Usa even though the server is being held in Usa, I still feel like there should be more staff members active in the Eu. Even though Its a lot of staff members from netherlands and England. I could benefit the server with my knowledge and skills in diffrent subjects. And I could benefit the server by being myself and helping new comers or people who generally just needs help and support.

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM):
Well I dont expect to be accepted because there are so many other great applications and people out there with more knowledge and skills than I have. But the reason why I want to become staff is so the staff members could share weight on each others shoulder. I see that higher staff members are super exahusted and tired but then again its their job, but I still want to help them by being a staff member myself. You should accept me because I am tollerant and honest, I look at things fairly and I make lots of progress in any sort of format. but Its up to staff to decide if I am good enough

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):
the community works in a very simple system. Everyone respects each other and everyone is tolerant with each other, atleast that what I see. Of corse there times where people get mad and frustrated but that's how humans work and its not something that anyone can do something about. this is only my second year here and the last year I was not really that active so I dont have any great stories to tell. There is one story that I have but its not very interessting. It is basicly the first day that NicoleSings joined the server. It was a very painfull day for me and it was very intense for her. I remember how very overprotective towards her in that moment. I was actully not suppose to be on the server as regulary as I was used to because of me and hers bet but I kinda did it anways because I am a badass. I remember that I got so carried away talkin and beggin for her to get unbanned by one of the staff members and I remember me crying and being so angry. But I guess that more of personal story than related to the server. But I did NicoleSings to actully make a ban appeal in the very end and I remember meeting her day after day and meeting a new person every single time. I have been owner of a server before but that was basicly just fun servers and building projects. I've never been owner or runed a server on a modpack only on vanilla. I dont have much knowledge about it but what I do know is that its stressing and complicated for someone who is not that good with computer stuff. the servers that I made didnt come too far so they got shut down in the very end but I am kind of questioning myself I should wake the server upm to life again. But yeah I hope this is a good enough essay and I hope I can help in the staff family.


Jul 3, 2016
As stated, you have currently left the server, feel free to reapply whenever you join back <3
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