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Mar 21, 2015
Terms and Conditions

Your helper application will be looked over by the moderators and admins with their own time. Asking anyone or advertising your application anywhere other than here is prohibited, and also greatly lowers your chances of becoming a helper. To apply you MUST have at least 48 hours played in-game during this current map. You can check this by typing '/playtime' in-game.

Being a server helper means dedicating your time to helping people on the server with answering questions, finding griefers and punishing rule-breakers. Staff are not allowed to play on (regularly), moderate, or own any other server. It also means whenever you are online you will dedicate your time doing all of these things, giving up your status as a regular player. This also dictates that you will not misuse your powers, and if your do, severe punishment will be dealt, including but not limited to a strip of powers, being used as an example, and a banning.

Applying for helper and not following proper format (for example having too short of an essay) will result in immediate rejection. Donating, welcoming new players, helping in chat and regularly being online on Discord all greatly improve your chances of actually becoming a helper, as it shows that you are dedicated to the server. Most of becoming a helper is not the application, it is how you act in-game, how much you play, how good you get along with staff, how much you help people, etc.

Do not apply if you do not understand these guidelines, or will choose to not follow them.


Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no):
Minecraft IGN:
Location and timezone:
Age (age 14 minimum):
How much in-game play time do you have (type /playtime, CURRENT MAP)?
Do you have a mic (yes/no):
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? If yes discord tag?
Referrers (people that suggested you become a helper):
How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM):
Have you been jailed or banned? If yes, why?:

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM):

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):
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