Generation 7 update is here!

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Hello everyone, the long awaited Generation 7 update has finally been released! Many changes have been made in this update, including the addition of every Pokemon, so check out the full changelog here. I’ve also prepared a mini update for you all, enjoy!

Pixelmon+ Incentives
Pixelmon+ users may now claim a kit that gives 10 to 30 tokens randomly per day, and may also set an extra home. If you haven’t already, download the pack here.

New Vote Crate Rewards
  • God Shear added
  • God Bow added
  • Random Rare Enchantment Book added
YouTube Competition v2
With this update it’s a perfect time to launch our second official YouTube competition! Check out the competition guidelines here.

Nexus Competition v2 Winner
The winner of the Nexus competition is… drumroll please… Nyaa's R us owned by @NyaaImaKitty, enjoy your $100 store coupon! There were some great shops this time around, and there will likely be another competition in the future so starting preparation now might be a good idea :)

New Farm Restrictions
In an effort to reduce lag on the server we have implemented a new set of rules with regard to automated redstone farms, please read them here.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Two new donor kits have been added to the store
  • GTS has temporarily been disabled while we wait for the developers to update it
  • View the last three legendaries spawned with/lastlegend
  • New rules have been added which prohibit receiving or offering assistance towards /dex, check them out here
  • Masters+ are now able to break Mob Spawners
  • Purchase your own head for $50,000 in-game money at /warp shop
  • Trade 64 Special Winner Stars for a Random Shiny at /warp shop

Thank you all for being amazing,
- PV Staff
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