Drop Party Announcement!

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Local PV Skrub
Jul 11, 2015
Hey everyone, starting this month we are going to be aiming to have more organized DP times. Upon hitting the DP goal we will be hosting the DP the following Saturday. For example; If the goal is reached on Friday, the DP will be hosted next Saturday, not tomorrow, so on and so forth

Which reminds me; We hit the dp goal! With all the support from the lovely players, both old and new <3

So! Come on down to /warp dp on Saturday the 26th at 10am PST (12pm CST, 1pm EST, 7pm CET, 6pm GMT)

There will be all sorts of cool items you can grab, such as tokens, redeemable items, and crate keys!

There will also be a legend book! Or maybe two ;)

To help with the confusion of timezones, a countdown timer will be linked below for the DP time!


If you have any further questions, please PM any of the staff over discord. Can't wait to see you all there! ~Pokeverse Staff
Not open for further replies.