DobbyMXW's Helper Application

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Jan 18, 2019
Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no): Yes
Minecraft IGN: DobbyMXW
Location and timezone: United Kingdom (Specifically England) , GMT
Age (age 14 minimum): 14
Interests: Gaming, Books, Wrestling, Pokemon, Hanging out with friends
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)?: 2 days 1 hr and 25 minutes
Do you have a mic (yes/no): Yes
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)?: Very active user
Referrers (people that suggested you become a helper): Danger_Kong6151, Equinox2214, EliteIAm, TheSexyFox
How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM):
I would benefit this community as i am on everyday, I am used to helping people as i have ran my own server in the past and also i enjoy that i can make an impact on someones time on a server, I enjoy playing on this server as it is fun and i have quite good pixelmon and minecraft knowledge in general due to the fact i've been playing minecraft since 2011 and pixelmon for not as long but i enjoy the pokemon shows, cards and just the idea as a whole, also i have been staff on a server ran by my friend who said i am helpful and would not like to limit my help to just one server.

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM):
I believe you should accept me as a helper due to my kind-hearted nature and i am very active. I also believe i should be helper as i am not shy about giving people items if they really need it. an example of help i have done in my early days on Pokeverse is Danger_Kong6151 was lagging quite bad and had found a latios, i offered to catch it for him and he accepted, i then traded it to him
and he was very grateful. I have also recently helped TheSexyFox dig their pit which shows ill help anybody who needs help.

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):

I believe Pokeverse was created in March 2015 by Pleb, and has grown lots since then. I have been an avid minecraft player since my brother got it in 2011, as a young child, the simplistic styles stood out to me, and i was hooked.

In about 2014 or 2015, i took a couple year break as the content was starting to slow down and it wasnt as fun as the earliest days, then in 2018, around april, i loaded minecraft back up for fun and decided to see if any wrestling servers existed due to my love for the sport if you will, i ended up finding a server called MXW, i related very much so to lots of the people on there and felt like i fit in quite well, and i started back up playing minecraft, a few months later, a friend from MXW said that she had a server and i went on it
and it was extremely fun, it was like a survival server but with plugins and all sorts, and i was talking with her one night and she said you should open a server, i liked the sound of that and decided to look into it, i ran my server on aternos, which is notorious for taking a long time to load, but i eventually loaded in, seeing all that free space around me inspired me to build a good server, after a while i could average about 10 people at a time, which is a nice amount for someones first server i like to think, and eventually i got busy with school and started to run it less and less, a few people started to msg me from time to time asking if it would come up, and i did, and on that day, i got around 20 people and was extremely happy.

Fast forward to mid January 2019, and im on MXW, bored, i ask a few people if they want to go look for a modded server, and one suggests pixelmon, i agree and i download forge, the first server i see is pokeverse and i think to myself "Alright, a decent ammount of people, lets give it a shot" and as i log on i get welcomed by lots of people and i knew from that moment that i had found almost a third home. Id later come to learn that the server is non swearing, which i believe is the right choice as it has lots of great members and it made me that bit more comfortable with the community.
After playing for a while i got close with some people and started to help out without even realising, and then when i hit the 2 day mark on the server, which i knew was the minimum ammount of time needed to apply, i decided to apply for staff, and that brings us up to today.

I apologise for rambling but this is something very important to me and i would appreciate it very much if you even just considered hiring me, I look forward to getting a reply, Many Thanks , Dobby =)


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Jul 11, 2015
Hello! Thank you for being interested in applying for Helper. However, your current application is being denied. I will explain in further detail below

The staff team and I have noticed a steady decline in activity, as well as not very much chat presence. A Helpers main job is to be there for the community, answering questions and helping out whenever and however you can and we have not seen the dedication required for Helper at this time. On top of that, you can be immature at times.

Please re-apply when you think you can dedicate more time to the community, and believe you can behave to the standards required for Helper.

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