cqmera's return to omni-leader~


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Jan 9, 2020
Minecraft IGN: cqmera
Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352): cqmera#8702
Location and Timezone: Hong Kong, GMT +8
Age (age 12 minimum, 14+ recommended): 15
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check - minimum 48 hours required)? 10 days, 12 hours, 20 minutes. ( new map )
How many Gyms do you currently host for the server? 0, (1 pending; fire gym.)
Are you an active user of discord (yes/no)? yes.
Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)? yes, jailed for 'alt abuse', have since clarified to exoticheese that it was a misunderstanding.
What Pokemon will you be using for each team? Please make sure they are trained well.

dark: darkrai/sableye-mega/honchkrow
steel: bronzong/necrozma-duskmane/stakatacka
ground: zygarde/steelix-mega/nidoking
grass: whimsicott/rotom-mow/kartana
ice: abomasnow/weavile/mamoswine
fighting: gallade/hawlucha/blaziken-mega
electric: manetric-mega/rotom-wash/xurkitree
poison: crobat/drapion/venusaur-mega
flying: salamence-mega/hawlucha/celesteela
dragon: haxorus/naganadel/noivern
fire: torkoal/blaziken-mega/infernape
psychic: gallade/gardevoir/alakazam-mega/metagross
fairy: mimikyu/togekiss/mawile-mega
rock: tyranitar/aerodactyl-mega/tyrantrum
water: pelipper/swampert-mega/kingdra/golisopod
ghost: aegislash/blacephalon/mimikyu
normal: dodrio/lopunny-mega/diggersby
bug: shuckle/golisopod/pheromosa.

Why should we accept you as an OmniLeader (100 words minimum)?
Last map, I was an omni leader, being gymleader in all types of the gyms. I believe that the win/loss statistics from last map can show that as a omni gym leader, not only do I offer a serious challenge to fellow challengers of my gyms, but also rewarding victories to challengers who put time and effort into building certain teams to defeat me. I strongly believe that if I am accepted as omni, I will be able to share my passion for battling and my challenging teams across all gyms, providing the server with a active and friendly omni-leader, all the while providing solid hurdles for those who wish to complete all the gyms.

What does being a Gym Leader, including OmniLeader, mean to you (200 words minimum)?
To me, being a gym leader in general means being friendly, open-minded, active on the server, and lots more. It's not about winning every single gym challenge a challenger throws at you like many would think it is, considering the big name and importance this role has to the server. Rather, it's about helping challengers that come to my gym thrive and grow as Pokemon battlers, may it be through trial and error, tough match-ups or anything of the sort, all while being supportive and kind and to give tips and advice on how to improve their team-building to challengers who may be struggling with a particular gym or type. Overall, I think that being a gym leader is about being a role model to the community as a whole, and being friendly towards everyone in chat, be it telling a new player how to obtain a mega ring or an experienced veteran how to further improve their Pokemon battling capabilities, while also knowing how to deal with players that may be toxic or unfriendly. I feel that all the above listed qualities are those that will stay most important to me when i hopefully in the future, become gym leader of all types.


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Aug 6, 2019
Due to recent events your application is being denied, please contact me as soon as you are able to.
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