Couple nifty updates + sale!

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Hello everyone, Shmeeb here with another fantastic update! This is one of my personal favorites, I hope you all enjoy!

Instead of completely enabling rain we have implemented a system where Mythics+ may now start a vote for either Sunny, Rainy, or Stormy weather with /wv start [weather]. If half or more of the votes are in approval, the server will then switch to the voted upon weather condition for 10 minutes. Starting the vote costs $1,000 in-game money and may only be called on the server once per hour.

AdventureMMO makes a return!
It’s been a long time since this mod was enabled so I figure it’d be best to fully re-introduce it.
  • Level up various skills listed here, including our custom battling, breeding, and catching skills to enhance special abilities listed here
  • See available skills with /skills and details about each skill with /skill <skill>
Show off your lightning fast reaction skills by being the first to click on a certain character in chat! This mini-event happens around once an hour and rewards the winner with an Event key! Good luck!

Tired of spamming RTP to find that one pesky biome? We are too, so we’ve just implemented a new /BiomeRTP menu (on top of the existing RTP) which allows you to pick the exact biome where you will end up! The default cooldown for this command is 2 minutes, and Mythics+ have no cooldown. Enjoy!

Unlockable in crates and the donor store, an activated Incense will drastically increase the amount of Pokemon spawning around you for 15 minutes, including shinies and legendaries!

  • Champions+ may now see the remaining steps required to hatch an egg with /eggsteps <slot>
  • Gym Leaders now have access to /tmshop

With this update we’ll also be launching a flash 40% sale in the donor store!

Thanks everyone, until next time.
- PV Staff
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