chesh's helper application


Baby Builder
Staff member
Feb 24, 2019
Have you read and understood the terms above? Yes
Minecraft IGN: chesh_
Location and timezone: England GMT
Age: 19
Interests: I'm interested in building, playing games ad making new friends along the way. I love creating new stuff in many different mediums, minecraft, drawing 3d modelling.
How much in-game time do you have? 13 days 22 hours 55 minutes
Do you have a mic? Yes
Are you an active discord user? Yes
Referrers: YorikY, Myzz, Evo0, SDragon14, Supae, ContraryCreep, 3_byte

How i could benefit the server:
I could benefit the community because i have prior experience staffing on both larger and smaller servers and i can deal with situations better as ive had to before.
I've grown to be more experienced through my play time on the server, i can comfortably answer a lot of questions about vanilla and modded aspects of the game. My timetable in the real world often allows me to come on to the server whenever i am required. Im often easily accessible to all players due to this.I am always willing to help people and try to make sure they understand the solution before moving on from them.

Why we should accept you?
I'm dedicated to the server and want to make sure it all runs smoothly. I already help in chat as a regular player and through my current role as builder I help out more with building advice as well as the regular advice expected of staff and get approached more for help. I try to remain friendly with all players and treat them fairly no matter the request. I have put enough time into the server to know many players and feel a part of the community, I am willing to help to the best of my ability no matter how small the problem might be.

Please give us a way the community works, a brief history and your knowledge of running a server:
During my time playing on the server i have found that the server is very community driven, through services such as the nexus and GTS each player pushes the rest of the community forward.The community as a whole is very friendly and rarely faces an aggressive outliers. The staff ive met have been very friendly and always try their best to solve problems that players have. As my role as builder i have seen that players are often very receptive to staff (or perceived higher ups) being able to solve their problems and have no qualms asking for assistance.The friendliness of the server is definitely proved by the flurry of welcomes that are given to any new players that join.

The server was started in early 2015 and has been very regularly kept fresh through both updates to the pixelmon+ modpack and server updates. The most prominent server updates ive seen have been updates to the mechanics, such as legendary spawn messages and recent coordinate addition, and through map resets which allow for a longer player experience.

I have had experience as a staff member on other servers, My most major staff experience was on a server called McEden, i was both builder and moderator on that server so gained a lot of experience of managing the player base and making sure everything was running smoothly on the development end. Unfortunately that server was closed due to some issues between some staff and the owner which has allowed me to see how important it is for communication to be fluid between everyone involved. Another factor leading to the premature closing of the server was a lack of staff leading to a hostile environment, this is proof that its vital for a server to be friendly and welcoming to any players, new and existing.