Cheeses e4 fire app time bois


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Apr 27, 2019
Minecraft IGN: ExotiCheese
Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352): Exotic Cheeses#0797
Location and timezone: New York USA, EDT
Age (age 12 minimum): 17
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check - minimum 24 hours required)? 22 days 1 hour
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? yes
What gym are you applying for? E4 Fire
Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)? No

Why me as an e4 member?
Something I love to see are interesting battle strategies and forcing adaptations in players. In this position I can easily do that, by beating someone's team and making them have at least minor adjustments. I spent a ton of time theorycrafting this team, and as fire is my 2nd favorite type behind steel, only held back by a lack of resistances. It’s truly a fun typing, that I love to use. I’ve been building this for a long time, and now I finally have it done. Last map I was Steel e4, as well as steel, rock, dragon, bug, and flying leaders at the same time, as well as joining staff team right before the reset. The team i made is very resilient to attacks for a change, which is something I did intentionally. I’ve been battling for a while now, and just like i felt steel e4 was the next logical step for my mastery of the steel type, this is my next logical step for my mastery of the fire type, and all that. I thank you for reading this application, thanks for your time in considering me as a fire e4, and have a good day. Cya
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Oct 2, 2018
United Kingdom
Thank you for showing an interest in our E4 gyms. At this moment in time, we don’t require E4 leaders, as we are working towards having a leader (other then myself) in each gym. Once this has happened, we’ll consider E4 applicants.