Cheese's bug steel e4 app (woo!)


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Apr 27, 2019
Minecraft IGN: ExotiCheese
Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352): Exotic Cheeses#0797
Location and timezone: New York, USA, EST
Age (age 12 minimum): 18
How much in-game play time do you have (type /playtime - minimum 24 hours required): 4 days, 10 hrs
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no):Yes
What Elite Four position are you applying for: Bug/Steel e4
Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why): No
Why should we choose you to be an Elite Four Leader? (200 words MINIMUM):
Why me? Well lets do this in parts.
  1. I have been in this position before. Last map I held e4 fire and e4 champion at the same time, and the map before that I ran e4 steel. So I have a familiarity with being in the e4 stuff. I know what people tend to bring and know what they think usually. However I still do build for the unpredicted as well, you can't make up some of the stuff you see. Players can always pull one up on you. And that leads my into my part 2.
  2. I know how to adapt on the fly to the tides of the battle. I know when stalling is a good idea, even if I don't like to do it. I understand when my best plays aren't flashy or anything, or when to predict and when not to. I understand that no matter the team, if I fail to adapt, I can always lose. And as such, I feel adaptability and perseverance are quite good to have in this position. One to tell you not to give up, and the other to give you a path to your win.
  3. This is gonna be short, but my team has been worked on for a long time. I have been working on it since the start of the map. And as such, it isn't half baked or anything, no matter how odd it looks. I understand it looks odd but it works.
Also if you want to wait until my bug app is done for this, that's fine. I'm in a writing mood today lol