banned x-raying


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Mar 21, 2020
What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.)pokeverse
Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.):X-Ray Appeal
Minecraft IGN: Sachaxx17
Punishment reason:X-ray
Date/time punishment was issued:20/3/2020
I was banned for x-raying and I want to play on the server but I can't. I ask if I can play on the server again. I will never x-ray again. can I get unbanned. I have learned my lesson and wish i could get a second chance to be able to play, I really enjoyed the community and cant really say anything but sorry for using it. If i do get a second change i promise i wont break the rules again.

Thank you for reading I hope that I get unban.


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Dec 18, 2017
Hi Sachaxx17 and thanks for writing us!

Remember: x-ray is a mod that gives you advantages over other players and this is NOT allowed!

I'd invite you to read our rules that you can easily find by clicking here or by typing /rules when you will be unbanned.

I accept your apologies as it's the first time you've made this mistake with the promise that this will never happen again.
You will be unbanned in 5 days and in these days i would like you to reflect on your mistakes and read our rules carefully as they must be respected! Accepted.

~ Loorix