Ban Appeal


Jul 16, 2019
What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.)pokeverse
Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.):X-Ray Appeal
Minecraft IGN: NekoZumi
Punishment reason:X-ray
Who issued the punishment (if known):Loorix
Date/time punishment was issued:8/3/2020
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: It has been 2 weeks since I have been recently banned I have waited to post another appeal, I have learned my lesson and wish i could get a second chance to be able to play, I really enjoyed the community and cant really say anything but sorry for using it. If i do get a second change i promise i wont break the rules and read them for sure. Again im sorry.

Thank you for reading have a good day.


Absent minded.
Staff member
Dec 18, 2017
Hi NekoZumi and thanks for writing us!

Once again i want to remind you something: x-ray is a mod that creates advantages over other players and this is not allowed!

Two weeks have passed since your first appeal for x-ray and i hope you learned the lesson, as ban is a very serious thing for us! I will accept your appeal with the promise that you won't make this mistake anymore as the next one may not go well.

You will be unbanned in 5 days and in the meantime i invite you once again to read our rules that you can easily find by clicking here. Thanks for your cooperation, accepted.

~ Loorix