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Jan 12, 2020
Type of appeal , jail
Minecraft IGN: TheDarkUmbreon87
Who issued the punishment (if known): grant
Date/time punishment was issued: yesterday
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: Look I was sarcastic ok, I get that your saying "You don't really care about your appeal or the result". But I actually kind of do, wow big surprise ikr. Well to resay what I was trying to say last time. "I forgot the low lv thing on /prices" this doesn't just happen to me you know countless people. Yes the first two times I did it on purpose, but I didn't do that anymore. The /prices system is honestly kind of dumb. There should be a automatic way to set the price based on ivs,lv.evs.etc.
People shouldn't have to go to a website to do this stuff. You already got a machine for detecting if a pokemon is a legendary or ub so how about you work on that and include varitables for ivs,evs,lv,shiny,ha.Your kind of acting like underselling a thing by like 20k is a big deal. Yes I do know if a lot of people get away with it, that will break the eco. but you get the point. also the "other thing" yes I complained about my jail time in public, so? one of my older jails were kind of stupid that being afk ( which I stopped doing at the time I got jailed). And because all of my appeals get rejected I just don't really seem to care, because I do know the answer. and guess what... I am right.


ps. do you think I am rude just wondering.


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Apr 13, 2019
Slovenia / Maribor
Hello, thank you for appealing ^.^!

Let me start this off by saying that I was given permission from Grant to deal with this appeal as he's unable to deal with it at the moment.
Your attitude to the situation has not improved, you're not owning up to your mistakes and the severity of the rule you broke doesn't matter if you were warned and punished for breaking the exact same rule in the past.
The /prices command and site were introduced because the economy was constantly shifting and players were underpricing things constantly causing more players to try to lowball the players that have already underpriced. All of this made the economy suffer and made things hold little to no value tokens were at 150 and shiny legends were being sold for 150k.
Talking about and complaining about your jail in global is not allowed and can cause you to be muted, you were made aware of this in the past yet you still decide to complain about it knowing its not allowed.
About your past jail for making an AFK machine or doing anything that bypasses the AFK kicker is reason enough for a jail punishment, it doesn't matter if you stopped using at the time you were jailed constantly complaining about it to staff in private and in global after it was explained to you does not help your appeals.

After looking at all of your appeals there's a clear pattern of being disrespectful, immature, non-co-operative and having a negative sarcastic attitude to everything.
In the future I would suggest being more honest mature and resourceful about your actions along with doing your best not to break the same rules repeatedly, staff are always happy to help answer any questions and help you with any issues you may have.

I will be rejecting this appeal, please do not complain or talk about the verdict of this punishment/appeal as you will be muted and or your jail will be increased
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