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Feb 23, 2020
You are accountable for your account's actions. If someone else has access to your account, even accidental access, and uses it to break server rules, we will still take action against your account. If, for instance, a sibling of yours uses the account to grief our server, you will still be held accountable for that grief.

What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.): server pokeverse
Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.): X-raying
Minecraft IGN: Brumnoyres
Punishment reason: ban
Who issued the punishment (if known): Loorix
Date/time punishment was issued: 20 minutes ago
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: because i play with my friend and a new player because its my girlfriend; i love this server, impossible find other with this balance of xp and shop.
I paid the rank because i would like support this server and i accepted punish by clear inventory example.
i understand reason ban, but i would like enjoy with my girlfriend where we are separated the week by ~200 mile
I will not start again promised and I only have one word
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Dec 18, 2017
Hi Brumnoyres and thanks for writing us! I understand your current situation although when a player joins a community must first read our rules which MUST be read and above all respected! X-Ray is a mod that allows you to get advantages in comparison to other players and this is not allowed! Please be sure to read our rules by typing /rules when you will be unbanned. I will accept your appeal as it's the first time it has happened and you have admitted your mistakes, but you will be unbanned in 5 days. Please in these 5 days reflect on your mistakes and makes this never happen again. Accepted. Thanks again,

~ Loorix