Apeal for Svonze

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Feb 12, 2020
What server did this take place on: PokeVerse
Type of appeal: jail
Minecraft IGN: LittleMrEvan21
Punishment reason: "Making and using an afk machine."
Who issued the punishment: Svonze
Date/time punishment was issued: 2/12/2020, at 3:56 pm
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: I was unaware of this punishment and had no idea of what or where the rules were. I was simply making an egg hatcher not using any exploits and using items i have bought off of other people's nexus shops. I understand that this is on my part and I belong in a suspension but I feel like this is not a suitable time given it is only my first mistake or ban on this server. Thank You For Your Time -LittleMrEvan21

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Hello, Thank you for appealing ^.^!
You seem genuine in saying that you were not aware of the rules So I've decided to reduce your jail sentence by 6 hours, the reasoning behind it being a 12-hour jail is that AFK machines bypass the AFK kicker which counts towards your /ru time. With 12 hours of this time you get regular and 12days you get veteran, both grant you rewards.
Please make sure to read up on the server rules so you don't get in any more trouble, you can find those here:
Thanks for your time and patience ~Svonze.
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