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  1. MastersMM


    For 18.75$ I'm trading 6300 tokens: min 1,575,000 ha neutered Magikarp: min 150,000 ha neutered Krabby: min 75,000 ha neutered rolycoly: min 200,000 and a shiny tornadus: min 292,500 and a level 6 poipole:min 234,000 In all its 2,526,500
  2. MastersMM

    Challenger Approaching!

    Lol imagine having friends couldnt be me
  3. MastersMM

    Pyros helper application ,':3

  4. MastersMM

    Pixelmon+ Weekly Events - Kahoot!

    i gotta get the big brain title
  5. MastersMM

    Pokeverse Secret Santa

    MastersMM Jam#7520
  6. MastersMM

    Trade for Champion Rank

    can you stop trolling sean
  7. MastersMM

    Trade for Champion Rank

    I'm making an offer for a champion for a 100 iv melmetal 1.4k tokens plus 3 of the shines in the picture. message me on discord Jam#7520 or /msg me on the server ign MastersMM
  8. MastersMM

    Loorix's Helper Application

    good luck
  9. MastersMM

    Black_LooRix's Helper Applications

    I hope you become helper
  10. MastersMM

    MastersMM's Helper application

    oh oops
  11. MastersMM

    MastersMM's Helper application

    Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no): Minecraft IGN: MastersMM Location and timezone: USA Eastern Time Zone New York Age (age 14 minimum): 14 Interests: Video games, Clarinet, Working Out, Reading How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)? 2 days 18 hours Do you...