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  1. JaceMTG

    Hindoestaan's second gym apply!

    Good luck! Also Goodra is my bb. ❤️
  2. JaceMTG

    Blaze's Dragon Gym Leader Application

    Good luck on your application! If you ever want any fun ideas or help, I’d be willing to give you some.
  3. JaceMTG

    M4rine's Poison gym app

    Alright, lemme see if I can help you here. First off what’s wrong with this. Gym Cap: Poison Gym is level 60. Each one of your pokes are above the required level for them to be used in poison. Second Problem: Pokémon IVs/EVs: Your Pokémon’s iv’s are really low to be able to defend a gym, not...
  4. JaceMTG

    February Tournaments

    I’m in for all. 🤪
  5. JaceMTG

    Creep's Birthday Bash

    Happy Birthday Creepy. ✌🏼
  6. JaceMTG

    MickleZPickle's Water Gym Application

    A pelipper without a rain team is something that I wanna see. :P good luck
  7. JaceMTG

    Searching for Legendary Upgrade!

    Offering up these for a gift for someone: Level 5 Shiny Cosmoem. [95% IVS] ————————————— Level 5 Shiny Dialga [72% IVS] ————————————— Level 5 Shiny Magearna [74% IVS] ————————————— Level 5 Shiny Tapu-Koko [90% IVS] ————————————— Level 5 Shiny Regigigas [62% IVS] ————————————— Level 11 Shiny...
  8. JaceMTG

    Water Gym Application [_cutiiemi]

    Good luck ☺️❤️
  9. JaceMTG

    flqmeyy's Fire Gym Application~

    Good luck!
  10. JaceMTG

    Pyros helper application ,':3

    Good luck kiddo.
  11. JaceMTG

    EventCosmog's Helper Application :)

    Put jace as a referral. ^_^
  12. JaceMTG

    More Tournaments!

    I’m for all nyaa :D
  13. JaceMTG

    Glad to have you here neemoh! 😁
  14. JaceMTG

    JaceMTG Helper Application

    Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no): Yes. Minecraft IGN: JaceMTG Location and timezone: United States, CST. Age (age 14 minimum): 18 years old. Interests: Bowling, Traveling, Music How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)? 37 days, 10 hours. Do you have a mic...
  15. JaceMTG

    MickleZPickle's Application for Steel Gym

    I like this, good luck to you!
  16. JaceMTG

    Pokeverse Gym Leaders

    Changing Ha Gliscor for Togekiss in flying.
  17. JaceMTG

    Calum's Dragon Application

    Good luck Wooser. ❤️
  18. JaceMTG

    Pokeverse Secret Santa

    JaceMTG JaceMTG#4017
  19. JaceMTG

    LiloGotStitches Water Gym Application.

    Good luck cutie. 👏🏼
  20. JaceMTG

    ya_boi_autismos steel gym application

    Why Aggron? 4x weakness to ground/fighting is a really big opening. Just wondering why you chose him.