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    Hey guys, I’m going to go over the rules and details of our YouTube competition. There will be two separate categories for this competition, Quality and Quantity. All videos must follow the guidelines listed below, and the cutoff for submissions will be on March 10th.

    Quality - the two players who create a series with the best combination of overall quality and/or storyline will be rewarded with $150 of donation store credit, and the “Youtuber” title.

    Quantity - the two players who create a series with the most videos will be rewarded with $75 of donation store credit, and the “Youtuber” title.

    In addition, to cater to everyone we’re also rewarding 2 Master Balls for every video uploaded (max 1 reward every 24 hours). To submit your video simply reply to this thread with the link to the video and politely ask a staff member for your reward.

    Video requirements:
    • Footage must be of you playing on the server
    • At least some voice commentary
    • Commentary must be in English
    • 10 minutes or longer (unless it’s a trailer)
    • Include the server IP ( and install link ( in the description
    • Not low quality content (up to the discretion of myself/staff)
    • No copyrighted music
    • Include at least two of the following keywords anywhere in the title:
      • “Pixelmon Reforged”
      • “Server”
      • “Pokeverse”
      • “Generation 7”

    Thank you all! I’m excited to see what kinds of videos you all will make. Good luck!
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    This is a repost (original on PD, so this post won't be counted again)

    Bringing you all the spicy goodness!!! New CustomCreations episode is up:

    CC is series where I showcase community builds. So if you have anything you want to be featured in an episode, send me a message on here or over on Discord: SlickPorcupine#7651
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    I have a question about the competition... Two people are allowed for one project correct? If not then i understand...
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    May me and VirusDreamer please have our reward?

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    Rip me in the first little bit...
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    This is the submission of me and Gerry1337
    Editing and directing Nabboss
    Cinematographer Gerry_1337

    I see now i wrote Mirage Bay wrong, i apologize for this :)
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