Weekly Events - Sinister Catching Contest!

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    Hey guys, it's time for the next weekly event, the Sinister Catching Contest!

    This event will take place on Saturday, May 12th, at 11 am PST (1 pm Central).

    The rules are simple: Just like the previous catching contests, you will be supplied with Event Balls that you must use. Your goal is to catch the most evil and sinister Pokemon you can find! Keep in mind the Pokemons' lore as you search! There will be other hidden judging points as there were in the other catching contests. You will have 30 minutes from the designated start time to catch the Pokemon, and afterwards, you will choose ONE Pokemon to show a judge for secret scoring. YOU MAY NOT ALTER THE POKEMON YOU CATCH IN ANY WAY!


    1st: Shiny Yveltal, Special Badge representing your Place, $50,000
    2nd: Yveltal, Special Badge representing your Place, $25,000
    3rd: Shiny Absol, Special Badge representing your Place, $10,000

    If you have any questions, please contact me on Discord!

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    hmm seems interesting
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