Unable to Catch Pokemon in someones Claim

Discussion in 'Resolved Issues' started by MonkeyMan397, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. MonkeyMan397

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    The other day a suicune spawned inside hugamouses claim and i was unable to capture it due to her being offline and nobody else being able to catch it either, MNGopher witnessed the whole ordeal and eventually it despawned, i believe he has the screenshots as i do not, Side note im trusted in the claim but still cant battle or fight pokemon and another suicune spawned on the day this was posted and it couldnt be caught until hugamouse came back onto the server to catch it.
  2. Zigswag00n

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    theres a hell of a lot of bugs currently i hope the staff team can sort all of them out asap and restore previous features such as mob spawning and spawners as they were part of donor perks
  3. MonkeyMan397

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    Yeah, im sure they can I just feel more at ease knowing it has been posted in the forums

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    Don't forget invsee, pv, safari, ev and my favorite, pokedisguise. But I need to be honest here. It's annoying that we can't catch pokes in others claims. Especially when someone claims an entire biome for one legend
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    This is something we cannot change due to it being in the grief prevention program! Sorry!