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  1. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member Staff Member Mod

    Server Map art building contest


    1.The map must be at least 1 map in size

    2. Every space inside said map must be used that can be either the background or the map itself.

    3. The map art must contain at least 1 pokemon and contain the server logo or some variant of it displayed prominently on the map. That can mean PV or PokeVerse or something similair.

    4. Mapart must be original and of your own design.


    1. Pick a spot to make the mapart it's best to find a location thats flat and remember biome is everything! A good biome can create the shades you need where others cant for example a roofed forest will have a darker shade of grass than a plains would.

    2. Once youve picked the spot you want you will need to make a platform above everything in the biome. Make sure that it is high enough that nothing will obstruct it. And then while holding a map make the outline of your platform.

    3. Once you have the outline done fill it in with whatever block you want you can choose to use it as part of the background or you can just put it there to build on.

    4. Once your platform is finished then pick a picture you want to turn into a mapart it can be anything as long as it meets the requirements posted above. Once you have it picked out you will need to begin building it. You will need to figure out how many blocks per pixel for your specifc picture. If you have never made one before it's best to pick a more pixelated picture to work off of.

    5. While building make sure to hold a map in your off hand so you can see your progress as you go. It can help to turn chat off while making it or to switch it to only commands

    6. When you have completed your work make sure to make a couple of spare maps just in case and then enter it into the contest!

    7. Tip: The bigger and more complex the map art is the greater your chances at winning!


    1st: 1,000,000 ig cash, 5 shinies from the pages at the bottom, an azelf and it's rubies, and a ho-oh, and an ha froakie, Also the winner of the mapart contest will have their masterpiece displayed prominently in spawn!

    2nd: 750,000 ig cash, 4 shinies from the pages at the bottom, a virizion an ha shiny eevee. An ha alolan Vulpix,An aura Porygon Z

    3rd: 500,000 ig cash 3 shinies from the pages at the bottom, a virizion an ha eevee, an ha alolan Vulpix

    4th: 250,000 ig cash 2 shinies from the pages at the bottom, an ha eevee

    5th: 100,000 ig cash 1 shiny from the pages at the bottom, an ha eevee

    Time: The event will last until the first of October and then winners will be picked based off a select panel of judges.
    2018-09-03_14.32.20.png 2018-09-03_14.32.21.png
  2. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member Staff Member Mod

    You may submit your completed Map arts to Demonic_Paladin ig. If I am not available give it to a different staff member and have them forward it to me, make sure you name the map with your ign on it.
  3. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member Staff Member Mod

    I have added a rule: you must not show your mapart to other players or staff, you are allowed to have up to 2 helpers, but they must not be working on any other mapart, either their own or another persons.
  4. Hugamouse

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  5. Reymark43

    Reymark43 Member

    I will make a map solo
  6. BasseBams

    BasseBams Well-Known Member

    you seem to be missing a weedle
  7. ListenDown

    ListenDown Member

    On behalf of Avatar_Ender: she will be participating solo
  8. ListenDown

    ListenDown Member

    An edit to the previous reply, Avatar_Ender and I (ListenD0wn) will actually by participating as a team
  9. ForeverAva

    ForeverAva AnGeL Staff Member Helper

    try to keep it anonymous of who your working with (atleast thats what i think were supposed to do)
  10. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member Staff Member Mod

    no I need to know your workers too so that they can be entered properly
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  11. astro_cats

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    good luck everyone! :D