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By Hugamouse on Sep 3, 2017 at 9:00 AM
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    Hey everyone, I hope you have been enjoying your time on Pokeverse!

    Lately, I have noticed an ongoing problem of disrespect and refusing to listen in the community. This is causing more and more discontent throughout and for players and staff members. I would like to take some time to remind everyone that this server is for EVERYONE, all ages, all mindsets, as long as you stay respectful and follow the rules.

    We all want to have fun, but that also means we won't all agree. Disagreements do not = start arguing in chat and calling people names. Each player that gets online has a different maturity level and comprehension level, which means that understanding the necessity to realize this is key. If you are an 18 year old trying to argue with a 12 year old, think about it. A younger kid won't understand everything as well as you, so why be so toxic back to them? Some kids won't understand why nobody will respond to them when they try to sell or trade things. Sometimes people get so defensive because they feel like they were wronged. We don't want to punish people for things that could have either been prevented or shouldn't have even happened in the first place. With this, I urge everyone to try to think things through and understand that you will have disagreements with others. Be polite and civil instead of rude and unreasonable. Don't talk rudely about someone when they are away just because you have a different battle strategy than them or because you had an argument. Don't fight just because you think you will win (verbally or mentally). If you know something you will say will hurt someone, don't say it. If staff sees you crossing lines, we will act.

    Another thing I have noticed is disrespect towards staff. When an admin comes online, people tend to make sure they are polite to them (with of course a few exceptions). However, I do not see helpers and mods getting that same respect. The staff team should all be respected in the same way. We are all here to help you best we can. Instead of thinking "oh he's just a helper, I can't get in much trouble with that", think "oh, it's a staff member, he's there for a reason, he's who I should respect and listen to". We chose the members of staff due to our trust in their judgement (and of course many other reasons). On that note, if you ever feel like a staff is abusing this or behaving in an unacceptable manner themselves, you can PM ZillaCat, Worldfrog or I (Hugamouse). This also applies for if a staff member is being disrespectful. We will take care of it, rather than have something huge start in chat.

    All that being said, I want to thank everyone here for continually supporting us and playing with us. I don't want to see disrespect turn everything into a miserable place. I will do the best I can to make sure that doesn't happen, as will all the rest of our lovely staff, but a lot of it is up to you players. We are here for you, so please, be there for everyone else too!

    Thank you for listening

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hugamouse, Sep 3, 2017.