New Chat Color?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by ForeverAva, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. ForeverAva

    ForeverAva Well-Known Member

    My name is ForeverAngel_

    and i was thinking yes i love the chat colors but i was wondering if you could add a new chat color
    Gray and/or white (i understand if you cant do white because its bright and hard to read) but i think gray goes well with the nick i would like to have and i think others would also enjoy it aswell I understand if you cannot add this and its only a suggestion thanks for reading!


    Ash Ketchum.gif
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  2. Lazi

    Lazi Well-Known Member

    denied, please resubmit an application when you think your ready,

    jk i'd like this too!
  3. ForeverAva

    ForeverAva Well-Known Member

    lol xD
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  4. ListenDown

    ListenDown Member

    I agree with this! I'd love to have another more neutral chat color available if it's possible.
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  5. Mousemonster

    Mousemonster Well-Known Member

    Adding on to this.

    I think mythics should get chat colour aswell. Cause well, we used to. So ya, that'd be nice