Monthly Art Competition: Winter

Discussion in 'Events' started by Hugamouse, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    Hey guys! We are going to be starting a new monthly competition featuring your own art! This can be digital artwork, drawn or painted on paper/canvas/etc, any type of visible art.

    This month's theme is Winter! The artwork must pertain to Pokemon.

    The competition starts today, and judging will begin on the 25th. If you wish to participate, please direct message me (Hugamouse) your artwork on discord by the 25th. The judging will be via liking your favorite images on the forums (I will post each picture anonymously so that nobody can favor based upon friends) and voting by the staff of all the servers on the modpack.

    Some more rules:

    Do not steal/claim other people’s work or copy/trace it.
    Do not blackmail/harshly criticise anyone’s work – constructive criticism is allowed but no being mean!
    Try to keep in the theme – if it is not corresponding with the theme your submission will be ruled out.
    Ensure your submission is appropriate, we do not want mature content!
    No anthropomorphic pictures (human Pokémon) unless it is specifically stated in the rules. However, you can have cosplayers (but make sure to include Pokémon!)


    Top 3 winners will receive prizes including special titles, money, and some other unique items!

    If more rules pop up, the document will be edited appropriately. If you have any more questions regarding rules as well, feel free to message Hugamouse.

    Special thanks to Artichao for thinking of the idea and helping out with the rules!

    ~PV Staff​
  2. EnderGian

    EnderGian Well-Known Member

    :O Can we do it ingame?
  3. Dragirintos

    Dragirintos Well-Known Member Staff Member Helper

    Amazing Idea! Let my creative mind work!;):D
  4. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    This is gonna be for physical art rather than a build style contest, so anything digitally drawn/painted or done by hand. Not in minecraft though :p
  5. xXMr_NightmareXx

    xXMr_NightmareXx Well-Known Member

    Hmm I have a idea
  6. Puddle5672

    Puddle5672 Your Boy

    What if we use a mod that lets us paint in mc. Is it allowed then?
  7. RobinOfficial

    RobinOfficial Member

    right.. got my 500 pieces of A4... gonne let my artistic mind take over...
  8. Luck5t3r

    Luck5t3r Well-Known Member

    Freaking weavile using ice shard here i come
  9. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    Don't try to bend the rules. :^)
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  10. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    Hey guys, just an additional note: For the Art Contest this month, all entries will receive a shiny Pokemon from me, nicknamed special for you as well. The more effort I see in the pieces, the better the shiny I will give! They will be from my personal collection. All entries will also receive a great key in addition (as long as the piece isn't just a quickly drawn up piece, it has to be a legit entry).
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