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  1. Jarlu

    Jarlu New Member

    Minecraft IGN: Jarlu

    Location and timezone: Denmark, GMT+1

    Age (age 12 minimum): 23

    How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check - minimum 24 hours required)? 2 days and 18 as of this post.

    Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)? Not much, but im always active in the chat on the server!

    What gym are you applying for: Steel and Fighting!

    Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)? I have not (not that i know of?)

    What Pokemon are you planning on using, and what level are they? For steel = Mega lucario, Cobalion and Metagross, i was thinking of replacing Cobalion with genescet, but i have yet to get Genescet. For Fighting = Mega lucario/normal Lucario, Mega Blaziken/normal Blaziken, Gallade, Hawlucha and Scrafty.

    Why should we choose you to be a gym leader (100 words MINIMUM): I have really enjoyed playing on your server. I find battling the best part about pokemon. The only battles other players seems to do is the gymbattles, so becoming a gymleader would help to make me enjoy your server even more. As of skill, i have played alot of "https://pokemonshowdown.com/" about a year back (before college) and i was 1900 rating in random battles (i was helping balancing the game, its when you are 1800+).
    I have nothing to do in January, so i spend most my time on the server, and might aswell help out the way i can. as of Febuary and forward i will start college again, and my online time will go down, but i will still try to be online every day.
    In my timezone i have yet to see any steel leaders online, and fighting is just my favorite type.

    Hope you like my application
  2. HideIt

    HideIt Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if your allowed 5 pokemon for 1 gym. You might wanna remove some of the pokemon from your fighting gym team.
  3. Jarlu

    Jarlu New Member

    I know i can only use 3 per battle, but if the challanger know my every pokemon each time, it will be a matter of tries and not skill if they beat me. With more pokemons to work with they will have to work out a team that can beat every combination of my pokemons. That was my thought of idea anyway, but if i need to stick with 3 and only 3, i can do that aswell.
  4. gamefish32

    gamefish32 GameIsBetter Staff Member SeniorMod

    Yeah, you're only allowed to have three, alternate Pokemon are not allowed at the moment.
  5. Jarlu

    Jarlu New Member

    Oh then i will just stick with Gallade, Lucario and Blaziken. My thought behind having multiple pokemons was in some of the gym battles i have fought, the leaders have had more than the 3 (4 for doubles) But that must have been eggs or just some pokemons that they never use. Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for the feedback! Hope you still take my application into consideration.

    Looking forward hearing from you!
  6. gamefish32

    gamefish32 GameIsBetter Staff Member SeniorMod

    Accepted! Please message me on Discord (gamefish32#3200) for more information.